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The Mastio Global Freight Forwarding
(Air & Ocean) Customer Value Study -
8th Edition 2022

When you purchase the study ($50k), like FedEx, Expeditors, UPS SCS, and many more, you receive actionable insights from in-depth telephone interviews (20-30 minutes) with executives who decide or influence which Freight Forwarder to ship their cargo. The knowledge will have a direct impact on your growth and profits.


The study includes approximately 3,000 observations (extensive feedback) on: Bollore Logistics, C.H. Robinson, CEVA Logistics, CMA CGM, Concordia International, DB Schenker Logistics, DHL Global Forwarding, DSV, Expeditors, FedEx Trade Networks, Flexport, Geodis, Hapag Lloyd, Hellmann, JAS, Kuehne & Nagel, Maersk Logistics, Mainfreight Limited, MSC, Nippon Express, NYK Line, Pilot and UPS SCS. THE QUESTIONS ASKED are market, demographic, importance, awareness, performance rating, and open-ended questions (VOC).


When you subscribe, you will learn the competitive market position of the companies listed above, whether it is an inferior, economy, superior, or premium, and what is required to change that position. Additionally, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the companies listed above on 25 of the key, most important buying factors shippers use when choosing a Freight Forwarder? You can compare each Freight Forwarders Customer Value Score (CVA) and Loyalty Score (NPS) and understand who will be rewarded with higher sales, profits, and shareholder value. You can also see which Freight Forwarders are most vulnerable to losing market share and who will be less profitable.


The study also allows you to perform head-to-head comparisons that show where any company listed above is doing better or worse on the buying factors against any other company, even a competitor. It reveals which key attributes should be targeted for improvement and exploitation to prevent customer defection, accelerate growth, and increase margin. It is especially helpful to ensure marketing communications resonate with customers.

The study includes a customer needs analysis that identifies the most critical drivers of customers’ perceptions and what is most important when selecting between Freight Forwarders. Every buying factor is classified as a Baseline Requirement, Conscious Differentiator, Latent Differentiator, or Low Impact, making it easier to understand what is most important to customers and how to leverage that knowledge for more profitable growth. The study even tells what factors will lead to customer defection.

A purchase also allows you to learn how large a role does price play in the purchasing decision of customers and what buying factors will allow a Freight Forwarder to charge a premium.

Mastio's Extensive Experience and Stellar Reputation

Mastio has been providing actionable insights and unbiased data for nearly 35 years, including international with over 900 projects and 300+ clients in various commodity-driven industries, such as energy, utilities, transportation, logistics, plastics, chemicals, manufacturing, and service industries. Mastio works with many Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Warren Buffet, Berkshire Hathaway, has mentioned Mastio in annual reports. Old Dominion Freight Lines, an LTL trucking company and long-time Mastio subscriber, has experienced significant growth in shareholder value while working with us. Here is one of their commercials that references Mastio.

Improving Business Performance with Research

Mastio bridges the gaps between data collection, interpretation, actions to take, and a successful implementation strategy. Mastio interviews customers within a client’s industry by conducting an in-depth assessment. Next, Mastio analyzes and interprets the data and provides the client a report that helps them reconsider established norms, eliminate internal biases, maximize market understanding, solve problems, identify opportunities, and optimize performance. Mastio’s most popular types of studies are Competitive Benchmarking Studies vs. Competitors (Customer Experience Research) and Defection Intervention Studies. These studies allow clients to align their organization to their target customers better than their competition, resulting in faster growth and increasing profits. Mastio’s other core competency is Assessment/Evaluation Research, such as Brand Evaluation & Alignment and Opportunity/Segment Assessments.

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